“build it right the first time”

All our materials are of the highest quality, there is no compromise when it comes to timber, stone, marble, leather or metals used. All our racking and other products are hand made in the UK.


Wine cellars

All our wine cellars are designed and built from scratch, this approach allows total flexibility in the design and sourcing material phase when working closely with our clients. Once we have a firm idea of the materials, capacity, and space available we can give you a ballpark figure. Contact us for a complementary cellar consultation.


Wine Walls

With limited space in and around london a wine wall is often the most practical solution, Wine walls start at £19k a meter depending on the materials and finishes used. All our wine walls operate just like a wine cellar, maintaining both the Temp and R/H at desired levels.



Function is the foundation for all our products whether it be commercial or residential. This being said commercial projects require a slightly different approach. We have proven our approach works and confident our product can deal with all commercial situations.