Wine cellars, Wine rooms and Wine walls

Wine by Design are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing wine storage for residential and commercial use weather it be a wine wall, wine cellar or a wine room.

Wine cellars don’t need to be below ground, with the correct level of insulation wine cellar conditions can be achieved provided the correct conditioning systems are used.

We look after serious wine collectors and wine lovers that are new to starting a wine collection, living with your wine and storing your collection at home will bring you a huge amount of pleasure and enjoyment.

Cellar planning


Sitting down with my clients and understanding their wine collection is a vital aspect in the first step of the process.

A cellar consultation is the perfect starting point to the design process which will give both parties insight into creating your ideal wine cellar which suites your wine collection and buying habits. The concept of a wine cellar has evolved from a dark, damp cellar to storage which can be rich with personality and constructed to reflect a homeowner’s design aesthetic enhancing one's entertaining space



All our wine cellars are designed using conditioning equipment that is specifically manufactured for wine cellar keeping the Temprature between 12-15 degrees C and the Humidity level between 55%-75%. There should be no compromise when it comes to both the M&E and the functional aspects that make up the foundation of your wine cellar. There is one rule we operate by “ Build it right the first time” or don’t bother, your wine collection is far too precious and valuable to cut corners.



All our cellars are fitted with 24/7 monitoring for both Temprature and Humidity levels, all breaches are reported via email and text message should the conditions operate outside of their desired range. One year of historical data is stored with graphical and statistical reporting.