The sleek-looking ‘eto’ decanter both decants and works as a wine preserver, according to its inventors, who claimed the device can keep open wine fresh for 12 days.

The word eto means ‘again’ in Welsh – a nod to designer Tom Cotton’s Welsh heritage.

The Kickstarter campaign launched at midday Tuesday 6 June and had already reached the target of £55,000 by the morning of Thursday 8 June.

‘We’ve been really pleased by the fantastic response, reaching our target in less than 32 hours has been incredible, and we’re really excited about getting the first etos out to our backers.’

The campaign is at £450,000 at the time of publishing on the 29 June, and does not close until 6 July.

It is expected that eto will retail at £79, but those pledging on Kickstarter can get it for £59.

How it works

The patented design creates an air-tight seal between the wine and the air by pushing down the neck, which then locks when it reaches the wine, according to eto’s designers.

This prevents oxygen interacting with the wine and influencing the flavours.