Chateau L’Eglise Clinet, slowly but surely keeps getting better and better.  Today, it is one of the true stars of Pomerol!  The wine of L’Eglise Clinet is concentrated, full bodied, opulent and rich.  Everything is in harmony and balance.  This special Bordeaux wine offers a purity of fruit, exotic spice components, freshness and sensuous textures not found in most wines.


Denis Durantou took over Chateau L’Eglise Clinet in 1983. In his early years, it was not easy managing the estate. Denis Durantou had to renovate the cellars as there was no floor, only dirt. The vats were old, unclean and lacked temperature control. He quickly added stainless steel, temperature controlled vats, relined the cement tanks with epoxy and increased the amount of new, French oak used to age the wine of Chateau L’Eglise Clinet. Improvements in the wine were easy to see. After producing a moderate wine in 1982, which was a shame as 1982 continues to be one of the all time great vintages for Pomerol, things started to turn around. It took just 2 years for Denis Durantou to start Chateau L’Eglise Clinet on the road to legendary status. 1985 Chateau L’Eglise Clinet was his first true success! Year after year, the wines of Chateau L’Eglise Clinet continue improving. The level of quality really kicked in starting with the 1998 vintage. There was no looking back after that.

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